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Education - incubator for a sustainable future:  how can public education empower citizens for global sustainability?

28th June – 2nd July 2015, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia

The NEPC summer schools 2015 aims to show that education systems and schools are by default incubators of future and explore whether our education systems today contribute to unsustainability, how can education empower citizens for global sustainability and what step we need to take to make schools incubators for sustainable future a reality. 


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How education can contribute to the foundation of a socially just society?

How education can contribute to the foundation of a socially just society?

Summer school 2014 – Digest

8th & 9th December 2014

Tbilisi - Georgia

NEPC is proud to announce the follow-up event after Summer School 2014.

The SUMMER SCHOOL 2014 – Digest aims to present to participants the main topics and themes covered in the Summer School presenting the theoretical views and the country cases of inclusive policies. Innovative teaching methods will be also presented in order to develop classroom activities aiming to achieve inclusiveness in school.

The learning event is aimed at professionals and students from the field of educational policy as well as to teachers, policy makers and youth workers.


1) Offer various theoretical perspectives of inclusive education at the school level & describe different inclusive policies, both at the political and at school level

2) Provide specific examples of possibilities for inclusive teaching & explore those barriers to inclusiveness which are not covered by policies or practice

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Open from 29th Semptember – 31st October

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