How education can contribute to the foundation of a socially just society?

How education can contribute to the foundation of a socially just society?

Summer school 2014 – Digest

8th & 9th December 2014

Tbilisi - Georgia

NEPC is proud to announce the follow-up event after Summer School 2014.

The SUMMER SCHOOL 2014 – Digest aims to present to participants the main topics and themes covered in the Summer School presenting the theoretical views and the country cases of inclusive policies. Innovative teaching methods will be also presented in order to develop classroom activities aiming to achieve inclusiveness in school.

The learning event is aimed at professionals and students from the field of educational policy as well as to teachers, policy makers and youth workers.


1) Offer various theoretical perspectives of inclusive education at the school level & describe different inclusive policies, both at the political and at school level

2) Provide specific examples of possibilities for inclusive teaching & explore those barriers to inclusiveness which are not covered by policies or practice

Concept and details

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Open from 29th Semptember – 31st October

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Syllabus with Example Learning Activities

The last NEPC publication is a result of the project Making History Work for Tolerance: a RESEARCH-Based Strategy to Reduce the Intolerant Usage of History Teaching in Three EU Member States funded by the Think Tank Fund of the Open Society Foundations.

The learning activities in this syllabus are merely entry-points, yet they are also diverse, and the themes behind them universal. How to understand human movement and societal integration?

How to build a common society with different groups of people, be it cultural, ethnic, religious and/or linguistic?

You can find the publication HERE!

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