NEPC is now offering webinars as a new type of learning event. Periodically, in cooperation with one of our members/partners, or with the contribution of external experts, NEPC proposes a focus on a specific education topic.

When a webinar is held, participants log in into an on-line platform to attend the lectures in real time.

The recording of each lecture will be also available afterwards on line, or downloadable for off-line play-back.

Previous Webinars

Students well-being in School in Europe (November 2019)

Trends in students well-being in Europe and ways to improve social emotional an inter cultural competencies among students. Evidence from Hand in Hand project and PISA

Held by: Magnus Oskarsson, assistant professor at Mid Sweden University, expert in large scale assessment and one of the researchers managing the Hand in Hand program in Sweden

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Education Monitoring Report 2017-2018 (May 2019)

Education Monitoring Report 2017-2018 evaluates the current situation in all children’s access to quality education. In addition to this, the Education Monitoring Report 2017-2018, which addressed developments of the past year, focuses on the situation of young people who have been educated in the current education system in order to assess the output of the past twenty years.

Held by: Özgenur Korlu, researcher and coordinator of the Education Monitoring Report 2017-2018

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Discrimination in the School Context – Perspectives from Germany – Insights and examples from the HAND in HAND project (May 2019)

The lecture covered theoretical and practical views on discrimination and insights from the HAND in HAND project as a possible approach to prevent discrimination were discussed.

Held by: Albert Denk, research associate at Technical University of Munich (TUM) with the contribution of Ana Kozina, head of the Centre for Evaluation Studies at the Educational Research Institute and Hand in Hand project manager

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Policies Ensuring Equity in Education: The Case of Estonia – Lessons From the Erasmus+ BRAVEdu project (February 2019)

The study presented in the webinar was based on the analysis of Estonian educational policies and on the study visit which was a part of the ongoing BRAVEdu project.  In this publication, the research team provided a possible explanatory frame for the success of the Estonian educational system in reducing the gap in achievement between high and low SES students.

Held by: Ana Mlekuž (Education Research Institute, Slovenia) and Sandra Haugas (PRAXIS, Estonia), NEPC’s project partners and co-authors of the study.

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